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76. Scientists at MIT observed that life begins with a Spiral!

Updated: Jul 18

Scientists at MIT observed that life begins with a Spiral!

Here’s the video of what MIT scientists discovered.

There’s a still from the video below.

The video shows what happens at the moment of fertilization. Spirals start swirling across the surface of the egg, intersecting and combining. This phenomenon conjured a memory of the image above. These carvings in stone are outside a ceremonial site built over 5000 years ago in Ireland. Newgrange is the most well-known but the symbol shows up on Neolithic stone tombs, alignments, and cairns all over the island.

The entrance of this particular tomb aligns with the winter solstice and light from the rising and setting sun floods into stone passageways on the front and back of the tomb respectively.

If I was making a movie about the beginning of life, the first scene would probably be of the rising sun on the darkest day of the year. The renewal or beginning of life after the requisite downtime and slowing of the pace during the fall/winter seasons that is celebrated on the Winter Solstice.

Others have speculated that these stone age symbols represent visions experienced under the influence of hallucinogens and that perhaps shamans performed ceremonies inside these structures. Echoes of this can be traced to modern-day shamanic practices. We'll never know what these symbols actually meant to the Stone Age occupants of Ireland but I sure was shocked when I saw the video, so I had to share.

It's not every day your logo and the land of your ancestors coincide with something this phenomenal.


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