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65. Phew! July 17, 2021

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

What a whirlwind re-opening Spiral Herbal Remedies has been. I’m in awe of the new location and I cannot tell you how happy this new community makes me. My neighbors stop in daily just to say hello or yell it from the doorway as they walk by. This is the vibe with every shop on the street. It’s a community that cares about small businesses, each other and checks in regularly. I look forward to going to work every day and feel extremely blessed to have found something that I find so rewarding. Thank you Crown Heights/Prospect Heights (we’re right on the line between the two)!! Despite, non-committed/no-show contractors, and the number of decisions that go into opening a new space, the move-in went smoothly. I’ll be eternally grateful to Marcela Casals, Marilyn Narota, and Christine Licata who used their Feng Shui expertise and determined work ethic to unpack and help with layout and flow. Business is brisk so I’m making new inventory daily. A new location also means people are asking for different products, so I’ve developed a few that will be ready next week. These include a tincture for Diabetes (along with some interesting new developments in dietary guidelines) and a tincture for Virility. It is the summer of love after all and everyone is feeling a little frisky now that we can mix and mingle again. Our tea section has taken flight! I rarely sold tea when my shop was located in SoHo but now I’m having a hard time keeping them in stock. The most popular are my Calm The F* Down tea for sleeping, Cool Calm and Collect Yourself for daytime relaxing, Soothe Your Gut for gastric irritability, Chai Chai Chai for keeping your bowels regular, Losing it for healthy weight loss and … not a tea - our smoking blend Chill Your Bones for helping to wean off of cigarettes or weed. It can also be added to weed as a supplement or smoked as an alternative to the two. We have some cool new glass bowls for the blend as well. Of course, Covid is still here. I’ve had many conversations with those who have chosen not to vaccinate and I respect the very informed decisions people are making. Here’s an article I found helpful when considering the risks vs benefits. Unfortunately, the only people dying from Covid at this time are the unvaccinated. Despite some devastating side effects for very small numbers of the population, there is still far less risk of long-term illness and death with a vaccination. I worry too about what’s next. The virus needs susceptible bodies to continue to mutate. Every time it infects someone new, it figures out a new way to thwart the body’s defenses and a new mutation is in the works. These are very clever little beings and the next variant might undo all the progress we’ve made. I hate to even go there but being prepared is the best defense for Covid. For prevention, I recommend Reishi Maintain, which prepares your immune system for fighting infections. Gone Viral is an anti-viral blend but also works as an antibiotic, antifungal and anti-parasitic. Reclaim Your Lungs is a tea that opens airways, brings phlegm up and out, and coats and soothes the lungs. As always, everything at Spiral Herbal Remedies is Organic and made by Donna Troy Cleary who trained as an Herbalist for 3 years and worked as a Registered Nurse for 13. Come visit us at 810 Washington Ave in Brooklyn. We’re a few blocks from the Brooklyn Museum, Zoo, Botanic Garden, and Prospect Park. We also have an online shop. Use the coupon code NEW for 10% off your entire order either in the shop or online, now through July 31st.



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