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101. Upcoming Exhibition

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

I'm happy to announce my participation in the exhibition "Beyond the Veil", curated by Audra Lambert of Ante Curatorial for Brooklyn Art Haus in Williamsburg.

Opening this Sunday, December 10th from 5-7

***I will be out of town for the opening but there will be a closing on January 6th. I'm also happy to join you for a drink during the run of the show, in this gorgeous new art space in Williamsburg, located at 24 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn 11211.

Presenting: Beyond the Veil

Expanding the boundaries of mysticism and the unknown, “Beyond the Veil” traipses the borders between the real and ethereal, tangible and esoteric knowledge. Ranging from photography to mixed media, painting, and installation work, works on view speculate on the impact of magical realms. Portals to magic can be found within our natural environments, through windows, parallel dimensions, and outer space. Taking a global perspective on how the mystical is interpreted and the meaning of magic - as an applied form of healing to a meditative means of tapping into greater powers beyond our comprehension - “Beyond the Veil” allows that which lies beyond our comprehension to speak through each artist’s interpretive process.

Donna Troy Cleary, Clinical Herbalist/Artist has created a soft sculpture of organic, body-like masses covered in multi-colored mushroom forms. Referencing Tasili Mushroom figure paintings found in Algerian caves, (7000-5000 BC), Donna draws parallels between prehistoric, masked, shamanic healers, who appear to grow both Reishi and Psilocyben mushrooms from their bodies, and 21st-century consciousness.

VIEWING DATES: Sunday, December 10th – Saturday, January 6th from 9 am – 10 pm.

Open Tuesday-Sundays, 9 am-10 pm. Closed Mondays.


P Requested: Open Invitation, guests may RSVP by clicking HERE

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