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49. Why going Organic matters during Covid. May 12, 2020

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

I've talked a lot about the importance of your Microbiome. If you haven't read blog post #40, do, it's comprehensive. In short, our microbiome is a group of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that occur naturally on our skin and in our intestines. They are essential to our health because they form a protective barrier against infectious microorganisms, aid in digestion, etc.

Preservatives are designed to kill would-be microorganisms from growing in products that sit on shelves for long periods of time. Preservatives also kill your Microbiome and they areinflammatory, which means your immune system has been diverted away from fighting infections.

This is why Spiral Herbal Remedies does not use preservatives. Everything is made in small batches, as needed. Our products will last on your shelf for a year or longer, (except our CBD lube, which needs to be refrigerated), We only sell preservative-free, organic, plant-based, toxin-free products handmade by a former Registered Nurse and trained Herbalist, in Brooklyn.

Several years ago, I designed this skincare line for myself. I can personally attest to the products’ effectiveness and quality but don't just take my word for it, check out all these Testimonials. I did my research and created blends using only fresh, organic ingredients. Many of the plants were picked by me, following responsible foraging and ethical wildcrafting principals.

I've updated Spiral Herbal Remediesonline, grouping products into categories. You'll find Organic Alternatives to Skin Careon the second page featuring everything from Face Serum, Deodorant, Hair Growth Products, Body Oils, Perfume, Bug Spray, etc. Switch over slowly or transition completely.

Here a little about two of my big sellers...

Beyond The Sea Face Serum has a cult-like following. It is an all-in-one organic alternative to La Mer, featuring wakame, for its ability to keep stop the breakdown of your natural Hyaluronic Acid. Why add, when you can hold on to own? Hyaluronic acid binds collagen and attracts moisture to itself, making it a moisturizer and firmer. Other plants contain anti-inflammatories, are anti-acne, anti-oxidant, exfoliating, moisturizing, and firming properties. You can order it with or without CBD, another source of powerful anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants. One study suggested it might help prevent skin cancer.

Comb Again was originally made for a customer who requested a plant-based, organic alternative to Rogaine. Laboratory studies on these plants showed that the skin became thicker, there were more and longer hair follicles and that the hair grew in longer and thicker than Rogaine. This same formula is in Raise Your Brow Game a roll-on version for thinning eyebrows. This blend has been specially formulated to not burn your skin.

Please note that I also created a guide to Herbal Remedies for Covid. Prevention and prepare your best defense.

***Addendum, a few days ago, I received a letter from a UK company that is expanding into the US. They said I need to stop using the name of one of my products or they're going to sue. I came up with this name and started selling/marketing it over two years ago. They started using the name in 2020. It's my intellectual property but my lawyer said it would be a costly fight. That they would choose to do this now, in the middle of Covid, when my shop is closed, reflects their complete lack of humanity. I'm looking for someone to take on this case pro-bono. If you know of anyone, please let me know.

Small businesses are the life-blood of America. I've built my brand around community and access, intentionally keeping it small so I can continue to interact with clients. As we rewrite the terrain of this country post-Covid, let's keep in mind that greedy expansionism undermines us all.

Now through April 25th use the code: FIGHTBACK for 10% off your order.

*** Second addendum, Spiral Herbal Remedies has been sending CBD oil, Reishi Maintain, and Lose the *Itch Plantain Salve to those on the front line. For every bottle or jar purchased, I have been donating a bottle to Doctors, Nurses, EMT's, Police, etc. You can help yourself and others simultaneously if you buy now. Or just send me the name of someone on the front line and I'll ship.

Follow me or Spiral Herbal Remedies on Instagram for daily updates.

Donna Troy Cleary engages in Social Practice as an Herbalist and creates sculptures that reflect on our complex relationship with microorganisms. Check out my sculptures if you’re curious.



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