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26. Healing and Love from Plants Dec 20, 2017

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Introducing Spiral Herbal Remedies Now available on this website in addition to my Etsy Shop You've all been reading about how I've come to inhabit my family legacy as a Medicine Woman, Healer, Wise Woman, Herbalist - with roots that trace back to 15th century Ireland. I'm now offering some of the herbal remedies that have transformed my health and life. (If you haven't been reading along, check some of my previous posts below.) Start Shopping What better gift than that of health and love. Fight disease with Reishi Tincture Double Decoction (Left), which contains medicinal properties for your Immune System, Heart, Lungs and Liver. It contains Antiinflammatories, Antihistamines and more. Used by Chinese and Japanese Herbalists for over 4000 years, Reishi was once reserved for Emperors and is called The Mushroom of Immortality. I ethically harvested mature Reishi Mushrooms in a Pennsylvania forest and made this medicinal tincture. Try it blended with Elderberry for a yummy flavor! And how about a Love Potion? Be a Love Warrior! This intoxicating Wild Rose Water spray (Right) can be used as perfume or a room cleanser. Made from Wild Rose Petals and a touch of lavender, it opens hearts and brings out your fierceness. View other products » $5 Shipping on everything! For future reference, I have added a menu on my website with the same products. So you can buy from the Etsy shop link above, or directly from this website.



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