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21. Recycling, returns and rrrr- NARS Open Studios. :) October 6, 2017

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

1. I've just completed my Level II Apprenticeship in Herbalism at Sacred Vibes Apothecary. Thank you Karen Rose for your thoughtful interventions as my life continues to evolve. I wrote the following to summarize my experience with Reishi -how it works its way into the forest just as it worked its way into me, merged. Reishi: recycler of energy, grounder, focuser of intention, transformer of dying body. You find life in tree, early populator, groundbreaker, chemical re-distributor, soil hugger, oxygen generator. Your kin collaborate beneath the surface, connecting roots in cycles of mutualism. Inspired, you choose sky and fly, carried on breeze, landing eventually, on bark-armor. You probe with miniature tentacle, lightly pressing on cell surface to move within and tap what lingers. That which no longer serves tree, you realign, place in other context, shift meaning, as growth. What might otherwise return to soil and linger, as memory, energy in shadow, deeply buried but potent still, you claim. Unfolding inner-self, new, in miles of overlapping fractals, you spread, softening, probing, gathering energy. Once filled, you push aside armor and present - in shiny red package. Fan-shaped, like that which draws attention to youthful eyes, moved briskly to shift air in cooling patterns. Brilliant, in light from newly opened canopy, where tree once shaded, giving over celluloid body to greater purpose. Deep in woods, you blend, noticed only by those with knowledge of your strength, those who seek healing, to transform bodies as you transformed tree into self. Your warm light, discovered, reappears at edges of perception, glowing, distinct from noisy backdrop. Stretching, vulnerable, your still-woody interior, remnant of former life, anchors and holds aloft. Your flat, skyward-facing surface invites passing rain to linger and join in medicine making. Your pored under-belly expands with future generations, poised to fly. Flown, you begin, again. I'm grateful to Reishi for presenting itself and joining me in my travels. 2. 184 Project Space has extended its current exhibition MIS. It will now be available for visits through November 9th. 3. I've been invited to return to MASS MoCA's Artist Residence!!!!! Returning, in so many ways, feels like going home. I spent 2 1/2 months there last year, which shifted my work in a profound way. So grateful to be heading back. Be sure to apply for the next cycle. It is a magical place, in a stunning location, run by amazing people at a stellar museum. 4. I've been asked to join NARS Open Studios, Saturday and Sunday, Oct 13-14. 201 46th St, Brooklyn, NY I'm on the 2nd floor in studio 230. Many thanks to Katya Grokhovsky for the recommendation and to Junho Lee for the invite!! Come by to check out new sculptures and a new video in the giant studio they've given me! That's all for now folks. Enjoy the crisp days and vibrant colors of fall.

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